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Hoem Page » Other products » Dried Shrimp

Dried Shrimp

30,000 VND

+ Weight: 100g/ 1 pack
+ Origin: Vietnam
Ingredients: 100% natural
+ Expiry date: 6 months

In stock

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I. Introduction of instant dried shrimp (dried shrimp)

Thai Binh dried shrimp paste is an instant product made from fresh shrimp caught from Thai Binh waters. The dried shrimps are crispy like shrimp crackers, the sweet and salty taste is quite stimulating to the taste.
On the other hand, shrimp (shrimp) is a member of the shrimp family, so it contains a lot of protein and minerals, especially calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., which helps to support the bone development process.

– Main ingredients: Dried shrimp (90%), granulated sugar, salt, flavor enhancer (E621), chili.
– Spending on quality mainly: Protein content >= 30%
– Warning information: Do not use the product after the expiry date, store it in a cool, dry place.
– Made in Viet Nam
– HSD: 6 months from the date of manufacture.

II.Nutrition from dried shrimp

Sea shrimp is a familiar food to Vietnamese people, especially people in the Central region, this is a food source containing a lot of nutrients to help improve neurasthenia and prevent osteoporosis.

In shrimp, there is not much calcium and protein, more than chicken, pork and even beef and has many health benefits such as: good for growth, helps the development of the brain, helps develop develop bones, maintain oral health and improve the immune system…

tép biển tươi

III. Các món ăn được chế biết từ ruốc sấy:

Dried shrimp  is a common ingredient in Vietnamese dishes from young to old.

For mothers, dried shrimp is often cooked in soup or mixed with salad. As for the young people, ruoc is often processed with snacks such as fried corn, mixed rice paper.

Especially, Tram Anh Food dried shrimp paste has been thoroughly cleaned and marinated, so you can eat it directly with rice porridge, or eat it without it.

IV. Where to buy Tram Anh Food dried shrimp?

Currently, Tram Anh’s dried products are being sold at Coop Mart or Coop Mart supermarkets

If you are a customer who wants to buy dried shrimp products for use, you can buy products directly at Coop Mart supermarket or order online for Tram Anh Food to ship to you.

If you want to get a wholesale price for your business, you can contact the hotline: (Ms) Thao for advice or receive the “PRICE PRICE” button so that the sales department can call you for a quote.

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    Ruốc sấy giòn ngon… hay mua về làm bánh tráng trộn 😀

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