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Hoem Page » Made From Mushrooms » KIMCHI



45,000 VND

+ Weight: 300g -500g/ 1 pack
+ Origin: Vietnam
Ingredients: 100% natural
+ Expiry date: 60 days
+ Storage: 1 to 5 degrees Celsius

Việt Nam

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Kimchi is a long- standing traditional food with high nutritional food value.

By the time, Kimchi is not stranger to another countries and gradually loved in the world.

From simple ingredients selected from farmland Da Lat such as: cabbages, onions, chivies, carrots,.. fermented spickled seasoning according to Japanese technology, greate a sour, salty, sweet come with a mild spicy to stimulate the taste.

Kimchi also be cooked with soup or served with BBQ, rice,… the products is compactly packaged, easy to bring to use and preservation.


– Origin: Viet Nam

– Nutrition facts: cabbages, turnip, onion, garlic, chili,..

-packing: 500g

Preservation: cool refrigerator compartment.

Expiration date: 2 month from date of manufacture.

Food suggestions: Served with grilled meat, rice, noodles or cook kimchi soup,…


Tram Anh Food is one of the leading mushroom distributors in Viet Nam, with more than 13 years of supplying mushrooms imported from Korea,Viet Nam to supermarkets and big restautants lsuch as: Co.op, Big C, Bach Hoa Xanh, Mega, Golden Gate around the coutry.

If you are looking for a supplier cabbage kimchi or quality mushroom products, please immediately contact the hotline for the fastest advice.

Or you can click on “ wholesale quote” let Tram Anh Food’s consulting team contact you again!!!


Cabbage Kimchi distributed by

Tram Anh Manufactuing Trading Services Company Limited

Address: 133 – 133A – 133B An Phu Dong, 5 ward, 12 district, Ho Chi Minh city. Viet Nam

Branch: the bottom of Ton Dan street, Cam Le district, Da Nang city. Viet Nam

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