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Hoem Page » Vegetarian Products Made From Mushrooms » Vegetarian abalone mushroom pate

Vegetarian abalone mushroom pate

39,000 VND

- Pate Nấm Trâm Anh thành phần chủ yếu từ nấm bào ngư (80%), an toàn cho sức khỏe với nguồn nguyên liệu xanh, không chứa chất bảo quản tạo nên sản phẩm hương vị hoàn toàn khác biệt.
- Trong Pate có chứa protein, vitamin, gluxit, giúp tăng cường hệ miễn dịch, ...

- Xuất xứ: Việt Nam

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I.Introducing Vegetarian Oyster mushroom pate

Vegetarian abalone mushroom pate is made from abalone mushrooms (80%), cooking oil, salt, sugar, red onion, pepper, synthetic pate flavor.

Ingredients are mainly from abalone mushrooms, safe for health with green ingredients and no preservatives, creating a product with a completely different taste.

Because it does not contain preservatives, Tram Anh Mushroom Pate must be stored at a temperature between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius (or in the refrigerator). And the product is used as soon as the lid is opened, extremely convenient in combination with bread, sandwich, sticky rice, .. will bring up a delicious, greasy taste.

II. Nutrition facts of Vegetarian Oyster mushroom pate

Vegetarian oyster mushroom pate Tram Anh Food is a nutritious green food with an abundant source of vegetable protein…

Mushroom pate contains many proteins, vitamins B3, PP, B5, B9 and essential amino acids, enhancing the body’s resistance.

Particularly, Gluxit has a major role in the immune system to help strengthen resistance and effectively prevent viruses from emerging diseases.

III. Who can use Vegetarian abalone mushroom pate?

Vegetarian Oyster mushroom pate is made completely from natural ingredients, does not contain preservatives, so adults and children can use it without worrying about harm to health.

In addition, vegetarian pate is a product made from abalone mushroom, a nutrient-rich mushroom, so it is very good for vegetarians or regular vegetarians.

IV. Dishes with vegetarian oysster mushroom pate:

The main motivation that Tram Anh Food created for vegetarian mushroom pate is to provide diners with quick, convenient meals that are still full of nutrients. Here are some suggestions that you can use with vegetarian pate:

V. Where to buy delicious and safe mushroom pate:

Coming to Tram Anh Food, you can be completely assured of product quality because all products of Tram Anh Food have certificates of food safety and hygiene, origin of products.

Currently, Tram Anh Food Vegetarian Abalone Mushroom Pate is being sold throughout Coop Mart and Coop Extra supermarkets nationwide. You can go directly to supermarkets to buy products or order online on the website (delivery from 1-3 working days).

Nơi bán pate nấm bào ngư chay

  1. Sinh Nguyễn

    Pate này ăn rất ngon 😀

  2. Bảo Long

    pate này ăn lạ miệng the the ngon lắm nha mọi người. rất là thích
    ăn ngon lạ miệng

  3. Cẩm Phương

    Bạn sale online nói chuyện dễ thương, giao hàng nhanh (like)

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