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Ambrosia Apple USA

60,000 VND

Táo Ambrosia nhập khẩu từ Mỹ là một trong những chủng loại táo lâu đời và được ưa thích nhất hiện nay. Dù là một giống táo lâu dời nhưng sức hút từ hương vị của giống táo Ambrosia thơm, giòn, ngọt thanh luôn làm các tín đồ thích ăn táo Mỹ say mê, không thể nào không mua vài ký mang về nhà ghi gặp nó ở bất kỳ đâu.


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Ambrosia is grown in North America, Europe, Chile and New Zealand where the climate is cool and the days are hot to shine with bright red fruits on a creamy yellow background. American Ambrosia apples have a sweet, crunchy, watery, and aromatic flavor.Táo Ambrosia

Origin and season

Origin: USA
American Ambrosia apples are harvested starting in October depending on the growing area. Preserved in CA cold storage by lowering temperature and oxygen concentration, so fruit can be stored for six months or more and still retain the freshness and crispness in apples.

Táo Ambrosia


Ambrosia apples also like other apples, are high in pectin, a cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber and antioxidants that prevent heart disease.
The amount of magnesium and potassium in apples help regulate blood pressure and keep the heart beat at a steady rate, natural antioxidants help protect the walls of blood vessels.
Apple skin is rich in fiber and is good for the digestive system, more than half of an apple’s vitamin C is in the skin.
The natural sugar in apples does not affect diabetics.
The zinc in apples increases the memory capacity of the human brain. On the other hand, zinc also coordinates with some substances to create antibodies, improving the body’s resistance. In addition, apples also contain other trace elements such as calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins C, B1, B2.

Notes on storage and use

Storage temperatures:
+ Preservation of industrial warehouse: from 0 to 4 degrees C. Apples will keep freshness and crispness within 1-3 months. After this time, the apples will be sweeter, the crispiness (PSI) becomes lower (more porous).
+ Store at home: Refrigerator from 4 to 8 degrees C: Apples keep freshness, crispness for 1-4 weeks. After this time, the apples will be sweeter, with a lower PSI (more spongy apples). It is necessary to avoid keeping apples with other smelling foods such as onions, garlic, and apples, which will easily be contaminated.

Cases to note:
+ The apple is bruised inside: The apple skin is very strong and moreover it is often coated with beeswax before export (Washington apple) so the apple is rarely damaged from the outside and can be seen with the naked eye unless the peel is crushed. due to collision during transportation. Apple stalk is the most sensitive place, usually just a scratch on the stem, or standing water on the stem will also easily help bacteria penetrate the apple and damage the apple from the inside.

Táo Ambrosia

+ Spongy apples: Spongy apples are not spoiled apples, but because the crispiness (PSI) is reduced. Many people like to eat spongy apples because it is not too hard, especially when feeding children. Sponge apples are usually very sweet. Sponge apples still ensure the quality and vitamin content in the fruit. Apples are spongy for many reasons. The first is that the apple itself is a bit overripe when picked, so even when refrigerated properly, it still ripens faster, and becomes more spongy. The second is due to the wrong temperature preservation process that makes apples ripen faster. Some apples such as Gala Red Decilous have lower crispiness (PSI) than Ambrosia or Envy apples, which are bred varieties.

Where to buy Ambrosia Apples with good price but still quality?

Tram Anh Food is one of the leading distributors of imported fruits in Vietnam, with more than 13 years of supplying mushrooms imported from Korea and Vietnam to supermarkets and large restaurant chains such as Co.op, Big C, Bach Hoa Xanh, Mega, Golden Gate across the country.

If you are looking for a supplier of  Ambrosia apple and mushrooms or quality agricultural products, please call the hotline: for the fastest advice.

Or you can click and the “CORRECT PRICE” button so that Tram Anh Food consultant team will contact you again!!!


Ambrosia Apples distributed by
Address: 133 – 133A – 133B An Phu Dong 3, Quarter 5, An Phu Dong Ward, District 12, HCMC
CN: At the end of the extended Ton Dan Street, Hoa Tho Tay Ward, Cam Le District, Da Nang

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