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Red Delicious Apple USA

Táo Red Delicious được thu hoạch vào tháng 9 và tháng 10. Cũng như đa số các loại táo khác, Táo Red Delicious chứa nhiều pectin-là một chất xơ hòa tan làm giảm cholesterol và chất chống oxy hóa, ngăn ngừa bệnh tim. Ngoài ra loại trái cây nhập khẩu này còn giàu Magie, Kali. Đặc biệt vỏ quả táo giàu chất xơ, hơn một nửa lượng Vitamin C của quả táo đều nằm ở vỏ.

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Red Delicious Apple is harvested in september and october. Also like other apples, Red Delicious Apple has high pectin- is a soluble fiber to reduce  cholesterol and antioxidants, prevent heart disease. Moreover, this imported fruit has a lot of Mg, K. Specially, apple skin has high fibre, more than a half  Vitamin C of apple is inside the apple skin.


 Red Delicious Apple also like orther apples,  contain a lot pectin, a soluble fiber tha lowers cholesterol and antioxidants, prevent heart disease.
The amount of magnesium and potassium in the blood supports to adjust blood pressure and keep the heartbeat always stable, apple’s narutal antioxidant helps protecting vascular.
the apple skin has high fiber and good for digested system, more a half vitamin C of apple is inside the apple skin. 
Sugar nature of apple does not affect diabetics victim. 
The amout of Zinc of apple is increase the brain’s memory. Another way,Zinc also combines with some chemicals to create antibodies.

moreover, apple has a lot of other taste elements like :Calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins C, B1, B2.


Eating apple in morning is good for your health.
Apple skin has high nutrients, you should wash and eat a whole apple to make the body absorb more vitamins and nutrients. 
Eating 5 apples/week will help reduce the risk of respiratory diseases.
According to a study in Brazil, women eats an apple before every meal will discount more 33% than who is not eat apple.
Eating apple after every meal will help cleaned teeth and kill all the virus causes bad breath. 


Preservate in cool refrigerator compartment.
avoid the force on the apple.
apple has been shelled so it is covered in the cool refrigerator, avoid nearing smelling foods. 


Tram Anh Food is one of the leading mushroom distributors in Viet Nam, with more than 13 years of supplying mushrooms imported from Korea,Viet Nam to supermarkets and big restautants lsuch as: Co.op, Big C, Bach Hoa Xanh, Mega, Golden Gate around the coutry.

If you are looking for a supplier Red Delicous Apple  or quality products, please immediately contact the hotline for the fastest advice.

Or you can click on “ wholesale quote” let Tram Anh Food’s consulting team contact you again!!!


 Red Delicious Apple USA distributed by

Tram Anh Manufactuing Trading Services Company Limited
Address: 133 – 133A – 133B An Phu Dong, 5 ward, 12 district, Ho Chi Minh city. Viet Nam
Branch: the bottom of Ton Dan street, Cam Le district, Da Nang city. Viet Nam

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